National Plus          


   National Badminton Competition


Saturday 7 May 2016

Dunstable Leisure Centre
Court Drive

Start Time: 1:00pm to register Playing Time: 2:00 - 7:00pm
Entrance Fee for Badminton: 8 per person to play (members only)

Meet afterwards for food and drink at The Gary Cooper pub next door.

Contact Mike Shapcott on 07771 544500





2016 Men's Singles
1st Mike Macaneer
2nd Jeff Rhea
3rd Nick Grant
4th Mike Shapcott
5th Steve Rolfe
6th Russell

Ladies Singles
1st Alison Kirkpatrick
2nd Nicky Rolfe

1st Nick Grant & Alison Kirkpatrick
2nd Steve Rolfe & Mike Macaneer
3rd Jeff Rhea &
Nicky Rolfe
4th Gary Schwimmer & Russell
2014 Men's Singles
1st Rob (Dunstable)
2nd Nick Grant (South Buscks Quest)

Ladies Singles
1st Lucy (Dunstable)
2nd Nicole (Dunstable)

1st Rob & Nicole
2nd Jeff Rhea & Tina
2010 Men's Singles
1st Rob Buffman
2nd Steve Sykes
3rd Jeff Rhea
4th Mike Shapcott

Ladies Singles
1st Rachael Grant
2nd Nichole Hedger
3rd Alison Lincoln
4th Janet Rintoul

1st Rob Buffman & Steve Sykes
2nd Jeff Rhea & Mike Shapcott
3rd Nick Grant & Rachael Grant
4th Chris Meyers & Alison Lincoln
2009 Men's Singles
1st Rob Buffman (Dunstable)
2nd Steve Sykes (Reading)

Women's Singles
1st Serena

1st Coventry

1st Dave Filer & Pete Mann
2nd Chris Myers & Rob Buffman
3rd Jeff Rey & Alison Kirkpatrick
4th Janet Rintoul & Steve Sykes
5th Chris Porter & Serena Horsewell
6th Lance Creed & Oliver Pavey
7th= Mike Shapcott & Mike Mcaneer
7th= Huw Morris & Ralph Grimble
9th Nick Grant & Gary Schwimmer
10th Mike Trottman & Ian Crawshaw
11th Ben Allen & Kathy Turk
12th Tracy Thorn & Nicole Hedgel

Women's Singles
1st Serena Horsewell - Brentwood
2nd Tracy Thorn - Dunstable
3rd Alison Kirkpatrick - Chiswick
4th Janet Rintoul - Reading
5th Michelle Clarke - Slough
6th Nicole Hedgel - Dunstable
7th Christina Crawshaw - Chiswick
8th Kathy Turk - Hillingdon

Men's Singles
1st Pete Mann - Coventry
2nd Dave Filer - Coventry
3rd Rob Buffman - Dunstable
4th Mike Mcaneer - Hillingdon
5th Ralph Grimble - Oxford
6th Steve Sykes - Reading
7th Mike Trottman - South Hampshire Quest
8th Jeff Rey - Hillingdon
9th Chris Myers - Dunstable
10th Mike Shapcott - South Bucks
11th Huw Morris - Oxford
12th Adrian Barnard - Oxford
13th Lance Creed - Barnet
14th Oliver Pavey - Barnet
15th Chris Porter - Brentwood
16th Gary Schwimmer - Hillingdon
17th John Priestley - Reading
18th= Richard Morton - Southampton Friends
18th= Ian Crawshaw - Chiswick
20th Ben Allen - Dunstable


Men's Singles
1st Pete Mann - Coventry
2nd Rob Buffman - Dunstable
3rd Gary Scrivens - South Bucks
4th Steve Sykes - Reading

Women's Singles
1st Lara Mellor - South Bucks
2nd Nichole Hedger
3rd Janet Rintoul - Reading

1st Gary Scrivens & Rob Buffman
2nd Jeff Rei & Mike Macaneer
3rd Steve Sykes & Janet Rintoul

2006 Men's Singles
1st  Gary Scrivens - South Bucks
2nd Dave Filer - Coventry
3rd Pete Mann - Coventry
4th Michael Webb - Sutton Coldfield

Women's Singles
1st Corinna Teale - Sutton Coldfield
2nd Lisa Ward - Sutton Coldfield
3rd Andrea Scrivens
4th Nichole Hedger

1st Mike Webb & Richard Teale - Sutton Coldfield
2nd Pete Mann & Dave Filer - Coventry
3rd Mike Shapcott & Andrew Mellor
4th Gary & Andrea Scrivens

2005 Men's Singles
1st Rob Buffmann - Dunstable
2nd Peter Mann - Coventry
3rd Simon Good - Abingdon

Women's Singles
1st Lara Mellor - South Bucks
2nd Tracey Thorn - Dunstable

1st Rob Buffmann - Dunstable & Peter Mann - Coventry
2nd Simon Good - Abingdon & Alison Kirkpatrick - Hounslow
3rd Andrew Mellor & Gary Scrivens - South Bucks
2004 Men's Singles
1st David Filer - Coventry
2nd Gary Scrivens - South Bucks
3rd= Mike McAleer - Hounslow
3rd= Steve  - Bradford

Women's Singles
1st Lara Mellor - South Bucks
2nd Tracy Thorn - Dunstable

1st David Filer & Peter Mann - Coventry
2nd Andrea & Gary Scrivens - South Bucks
3rd Mike Sapcott - South Bucks & Mike McAleer - Hounslow
4th Steve - Bradford & David Ireland - Coventry

2003 Men's Singles
1st Tom Halfdyke - West Kent
2nd Keith Gibbons - Brentwood
3rd Mark Foster
4th Chris Mountain

Women's Singles
1st Lara Mellor - South Bucks
2nd Tracey Thorn - Dunstable
3rd  Alison Kirkpatrick
4th Sarah Ardley
1998 1st Chelmsford
2nd Redbridge
3rd Wimbledon

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