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Sat 29 - Sun 30 Sep 2012    

NGOOT is back.

Sited in the grounds of the Plough Inn in Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire. OX14 4QH.

Cost per entrant. 10 includes your English breakfast Sunday and overnight camping. (That's 40 / team for the highly organised).

(While the event takes place 10:00 Saturday - Sunday afternoon additional stopover time is available at 10 / person / night including breakfast).

The Inn has rooms, 2, double at 50 / night, if you're feeling flush, and know each other really well (not en suite).

We are looking for teams of four as an ideal number, if they come to less or you want to attend individually then we shall attempt to make fours from this.

This years theme is poirates ahaa! Er Pirates. (in about as inland a location as one can manage!)

Cheques payable to 'Didcot PLUS Group' please.
Posted to 21 White Leys Close, Didcot, Oxon OX11 7LP.

Teams need

  • a car (real one) per team.

  • Sensible footwear, there will be a ramble of between 7 - 15 miles (yes it's all very well thought out!) Tents, (you are camping).

  • Money, (you're camping in the garden of the village pub, does good food and drink,... and there's a high class curry 'pub' up the road).

  • Map of area per team.

  • Team desirable items include a sat nav (we wouldn't want anyone straying into Arabian waters now) Pens, pencils, clip board. (or you'll be issued with our dodgy Barclays pens and items found in skips!

  • Sense of humour!

  • Cameras, (there's some nice pictures out there!)

The first day will include your spot photography start, a car 'treasure hunt', evening construction / games.

Your second day will include your ramble and spot activities.

Should you arrive Friday the organisers will also be around to say hi. (wouldn't miss an opportunity to be at a pub!)

Questions invited as I've likely missed out loads, if I don't know I'll endeavour to find out / invent something.

Activities in NGOOT should test your cognitive abilities, fitness, and skills.

Good luck, Adrian Barnard

NGOOT 2012 Results (PDF)

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Previous Results: 2012 / 2009 / 2008 / 2007 / 2006 /2005 / 2004 / 2003 / 2002 / 2001 / 2000 / 1999/ 1998 / 1997 / 1996 / 1995 / 1994 / 1993 / 1992 / 1991 / 1990

2012 1st South Bucks Quest
2009 1st Oxford (106602)
2nd Reading / Dunstable (90356)
3rd Coventry (87217)
4th Fareham (75990)
5th Solihull (68330)
Full Results (PDF)
1st Oxford / Dunstable (DunOx) 254
2nd Coventry / Solihull (Team Spit Roast) 243
3rd South Bucks (Desperately Seeking SB) 235
4th Sutton Coldfield (10cc) 231
5th Reading (Steve's Fantasies) 219
Full Results (PDF)
1st Neighbour of the Beast (Oxford) 726.5
2nd Orange (So'ton Friends) 699
3rd Lara's Lovlies (South Bucks) 698.5
4th Option Z (scratch team 2) 697
5th Tracey's Boobs (scratch team 1) 601.5
6th Amazing 4 Some (Coventry) 439.25
1st See Spot Run (Bradford) 289
2nd Bouncy x 4 Fun x 5 (Redbridge) 258
3rd The Red Job Irishman (Coventry) 254
4th Sweep (Slough) 234
5th The Crawley Chancers (Crawley) 232
6th The Coughers (Thurrock & Dunstable) 218
7th The Straglers (Coventry) 209
8th Fareham Piranhas (Fareham) 195
9th The Three Spire plus 1 (Lichfield) 178
10th Flowing Well (Abingdon) 148
1st We Are The Missing Link (Lichfield) 671
2nd Fareham Rockers (Fareham) 559
3rd 4 Bigglets & A Trophy (Coventry A / Southampton) 554
4th Didn't Get Out Of It (Coventry B) 550
5th Cock Up (scratch team) 526


1st 4 Go Mad in The Midlands (Crawley) 1811

2nd Billericay Fudge (Billericay) 1744

3rd Doncaster BAD (Doncaster) 1733

4th Chris & Co Warner Brothers (& Sisters) 1524

5th Fareham Ferrets (Fareham) 1385
6th Is This My Tent? (Solihull) 1352

7th  DOA (Abingdon / Crawley) 1334
8th Coventry Godivers (Coventry) 1134

1998 Car treasure hunt
1st Meopham
2nd Billericay
1997 1st High Wycombe
2nd Marlow
3rd Guildford
4th Meopham
5th Sutton Coldfield
6th Northwich C
7th Meopham
8th Marlow
9th Acton
10th Sutton Coldfield
11th Northwich A
12th Northwich B
13th Solihull
1996 1st= Sutton Coldfield
1st= Guildford

3rd Salisbury
4th Marlow
5th High Wycombe
6th Guildford
7th Sutton Coldfield
8th Bristol
9th Chelmsford
10th Meopham
DNQ Acton
DNQ Northwich
1995 results not known
1994 results not known
1993 1st Fareham
2nd Winchester
3rd= Dunstable
3rd= Winchester

5th Ipswich
6th Wessex Area
7th Fareham
8th Ipswich
9th Guildford
10th Dunstable
11th Havering
12th Darenth Valley
13th Bournemouth
14th Darenth Valley
15th Billericay
16th Newbury
17th Billericay
18th Halesowen
19th Dunstable
1992 1st= Dunstable
1st= Winchester

3rd Altrincham
4th= Newbury
4th= Hillingdon

6th Leicester
7th Altrincham
8th Altrincham
9th Guildford
10th Doncaster
11th Dunstable
12th Hemel Hempsted
13th Dunstable
14th Havering
15th Chelmsford
16th= Guildford
16th= Southampton
1991 results not known
1990 1st Ipswich
2nd Romford
3rd Hillingdon
4th High Wycombe
5th Winmbledon
6th Doncaster
7th Chelmsford
8th Horsforth

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